Part 2:- Basics of Clean Architecture And Comparison Between VIPER And Clean Architecture.

To know about the basics of VIPER, check out part1 of the Series And Let’s move on to the next part which is short and interesting .

From the previous series, The Simplified Diagram of the Weather App:

Part 1 :- build a Simple Open Weather App with API Calls Using VIPER.

Oh Yeah! we have something interesting today with question mark, then for sure our journey is gonna be little bit long but not boring. Not only we will learn the basics of VIPER but also the basics of Clean Architecture and comparisons between both of them.
And for sure the conclusion at the end.

Download the starter project using the link: Starter VIPER Project

  • In terminal, go to your downloaded folder path and perform Pod Install.
  • Now run the project using simulator and you will be able to see below screen.

Anup Kumar Sahu

iOS Developer

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